Video Surveillance: Public Protection vs. Privacy Rights

One of the major debates in the world of security is whether video surveillance hinders privacy rights. People have been debating for a long time where the line is to be drawn between the protection of privacy and public safety. Surveillance cameras are implemented in public places for the safety and protection of the public, but people feel that the monitoring goes too far and becomes an invasion of privacy.

Almost each and every business now has surveillance. Shopping centres, malls, jewellery shops or streets, all have surveillance cameras. People have raised concerns over the privacy being threatened all the time. Here are some of the concerns raised by people:

  • The Surveillance Could Be Hacked:

One point, which privacy activists put up, is hacking of surveillance. Cyber security has always been a problem for video surveillance. There have been controversies about such vulnerabilities, but Hikvision provides the right measures to handle such backdoor issues. If hacked, it is against privacy rights as the surveillance is being watched by someone who is not the intended target. Whatever the case is, if regular security patches from the manufacturer are implemented, hacking can pretty much be completely avoided.

  • Blackmail:

Video surveillance can easily be used for blackmail. If someone has compromising and tantalizing private moments of you in a public place, that person can easily blackmail you. One of the major sources of blackmail videos is public security cameras. If you did something that you don’t want others to find out, it still gets captured in these cameras and can be misused as blackmail.

  • Voyeurism and Other Kind of Abuses:

Surveillance cameras are used for spying on women many times. This has become quite an issue and has been raised as a privacy concern a lot of time. Women are not safe and having surveillance cameras on them makes them even less safe.

Although these problems are real, the amount of public safety provided by surveillance is even more than the gravity of these problems. Public security cameras prevent crime and many a times people don’t even commit these crimes if they know that they are under surveillance. These little security cameras have prevented various bombings and terrorist attacks in crowded public places and after all if they can save your life, they are way more helpful. This clearly settles the public protection versus privacy rights debates perfectly.

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