Tactics to Promote Your Blog Posts

As far as most bloggers care, there’s only one way to promote blog posts: posting a link on various social media channels. As marketing professionals could tell you, there are many other ways to promote your blog post. If you employ novel tactics to promote content, you will enjoy higher traffic numbers for the articles you publish. Here are several little used methods for promoting blog posts online that you can use to your advantage:

Share on Content Aggregator Sites Too

Facebook and Twitter are not the only social networks to get people to see your blog post. Don’t forget content aggregator sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, or Triberr. These sites act similarly to social networks. However, these sites directly connect users to particular types of content. In that regard, there’s higher chance of the target audience viewing your blog post. Content aggregators are also great places to create buzz for your blog posts and get people to comment. This is why social media pros like Primal encourage bloggers to take advantage of content aggregator sites.

Create a Short Video about the Post

If you have a written article, how do you promote it on a popular site like YouTube? You can create really short (3 minutes or less) videos about your blog post to get views on YouTube. People who like the material will naturally click on the links provided and visit your site. Creating the video won’t take much time. You just need to add images and some audio. No need for shooting video if you don’t have time. Cross channel marketing in this manner can be hugely beneficial. If you make videos for each of your blog posts, you may be able to find channel success on YouTube as well.

Offer Incentives for Subscribers to Share Your Post

If a subscriber really likes a blog post you have written, he or she would naturally share it on a social media channel. However, some subscribers may need a little push. You can offer incentives for subscribers to share your blog content on their own social media channels. This is called word of mouth marketing and it is a very powerful form of marketing. You can create a bonus reward system for your blog where users get points for sharing your content. Users will enough points can get a reward in some form. This type of incentives in the form of free content, gifts, or discounts can drive good traffic to your blog.

Use Content Sharing Tools to Optimize Promotional Efforts

If you use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posting your blog posts on social networks, you can benefit from optimal timing. Use these tools to automate certain tasks that you may have to miss out. For example, if the ideal time to share your blog posts is at midnight, you can automate the task to enjoy the benefits without having to stay up all night. Content promotion tools can also connect various social network accounts and integrate RSS feeds. So, to optimize your efforts, don’t forget to use tools like Buffer.

Don’t forget to email each new post to subscribers either. As you can see, promoting blog posts go beyond linking on social media channels. You should think outside the box when it comes to promotions. Use the above tactics and you will definitely see improved results.

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