SEO Mistakes Bloggers Make

Bloggers often find themselves executing SEO marketing campaigns on their own. When there are no professionals helping you, it’s very easy to make mistakes. As they say, it’s fine to make mistakes, as long as you fix them afterwards. If you are a lone blogger running your own promotional plan, make sure you don’t make the following mistakes:

Not Focusing on Local Audiences

Bloggers often start off with major ambitions of attracting massive international audiences. The only thing wrong with this plan is that it makes bloggers ignore local readers. For most blogs, the local readership is the audience most likely to convert. For example, if you are writing about travelling in Thailand, there definitely will be people interested in the topical located all over the world. But the people who read your blog will be ones who have similar backgrounds to yours. Mainly people who come from the same country or region as you. This is the audience you should be focusing on to drive traffic to your site.

Not Seeking Expert Guidance

While you can be in charge of your blog’s SEO campaign, it’s important to occasionally have an expert look over your strategy. You don’t have to hire digital marketing agencies in Dubai on long-term contracts, but you can get a professional on a short-term basis to analyze your SEO strategy and provide recommendations.

Overusing Outdated Keywords

Do not overuse keywords; this is a basic rule of using keywords that most bloggers are familiar with. However, some bloggers continue to use the same keyword over and over for months. While you can stick to one or two main keywords for the site, you should be aware that most secondary keywords change every year. The way people search online does change as technology progresses and times change. So, don’t overuse old keywords you have been using for more than a year. Always check to make sure your keywords are relevant as they used to be.

Producing the Same Content Over and Over

Don’t limit the blog on your content to one format. Most bloggers are style hawks. If they publish short articles with pictures, that is how they want the blog to look like, forever. Don’t do this. Readers much prefer to see a variety of content. They may not click on a link that promises the same old thing. So, to really drive traffic use other types of content such as video and infographics as well. You can make good use of slideshows too when the occasion calls.

Not Using Content Aggregator Sites

Are you in the habit of promoting your blog posts on social media channels? That’s necessary, but not the only important thing. You should also promote your blog posts on content aggregator sites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg. Users are often highly active on these sites and a timely post can bring in really high volumes of traffic to your blog.

Not Hiring Influencers

Traffic does not solely come from online ads and social networks alone. You will need to hire an influencer or two to bring in large volumes of traffic. Influencers don’t have to be celebrities. People who have solid followings in their genre will do.

Also, do not ignore smartphone users. Create blog posts optimized for smartphone viewing to attract internet traffic from this ever-growing audience as well.

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