Reviewing Audio Technica ATH-M50x – Pros, Cons And Other Aspects

If you are looking for a pair of headphones that stand for both popularity and features under $150, both Audio Technica ATH-M50x and ATH-M50 can fit the bill. ATH-M50x is the higher end option of ATH-M50, and according to many reviewers, this is surely a better option than ATH-M50. In this post, let’s talk of the pros, cons and other aspects in detail!

Basics and pros of ATH-M50x

ATH-M50x comes with 45 mm diameter drivers, and the frequency response of these headphones is between 15 and 28,000 Hz. These headphones are designed with a neodymium magnet and a gold-plated stereo connector, along with a pouch. You get the option of coiled and straight cables, which is great. It also features a “copper-clad aluminum” wire voice coil. In terms of performance, ATH-M50x works just fine with tight yet deep bass, which doesn’t hurt the ear. Even at the highest volumes, the user doesn’t feel any distortion whatsoever. There’s no need for an external amplifier, which us great. In terms of make, the headphones are made mostly of plastic, but the feel is sturdy and robust, as expected. The ear cups are pretty decent, and even with hours of use, the reviewer found no issues whatsoever.

On the flip side         

There are a few negative reviews of both Audio Technica ATH-M50 and ATH-M50x online, but some of these complaints don’t really stand a chance. Many buyers have complained that these headphones don’t have a microphone, but it’s important to understand that these are headphones and not headsets. Some users had some issues with the base and highs, but the models are designed in a way so that the bass doesn’t feel overpowering at all. It must be mentioned that these headphones are a tad bulky in comparison, which seems like a reasonable fact, especially for those who want to use it for active activities.

Which one to pick?

Since both ATH-M50x and ATH-M50 perform well, which one should you pick? Expert reviews suggest M50x, despite the increased price, mainly because it maintains the build of the series but offers better sound, and the attention to smaller details is evident. The technical aspects and specifications are well taken care of. The M50x comes without any cables as you take it off the box, but there are three different cables included in the box, which is a great steal considering the difference in price.

Final verdict

With all the pros and limited cons, ATH-M50x surely is a great buy, and there’s no denying of that. If you check online, you will find quite a few options in the same category, but hardly one matches the features of these headphones. This is a perfect choice for professional monitoring, and as long as you are not expecting a microphone in a pair of headphones, you will not be disappointed. You can also check, which offers a detailed review. For outdoor activities, you can choose a pair of sports headphones, but these worked perfectly in general for the reviewer.

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